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I am very behind on posting. I was in Boston, MA for 3 weeks to visit my newborn nephew. =) The trip was more of a nanny trip and less of a food trip, but I did get a chance to have a few tasty meals (just a few, though). I'm starting to realize that my sister's taste buds and mine are quite different. I think I've been spoiled by Los Angeles. The East Coast has clearly not been good to her stomach. 

 She insisted that I try Grassfed. She said that they have delicious milkshakes and burgers.  The menu had adult milkshakes at $12 a pop, which got me very excited. It sounded like my kind of place. . Unfortunately, I couldn't justify $12 a shake so I just got chocolate kiddy shake. I was not impressed. If you're in LA, Father's Office is still my Number One. 
 The eggplant panini was okay. It didn't blow me away. 
 Then finally came the "amazing" burger my sister had recommended. Not only was it super expensive, it was also very salty. Fail. 
 We also ordered pizza while in Boston. 

 It wasn't anything amazing to rave about. Sad face. 
 We did get a chance to go to Legal Sea Food, which is a chain restaurant. I got my favorite Lobster Bisque soup. Yum... If you love lobster and you love butter, this is the soup for you!

 Clam Chowder is another must. 
 And of course, my lobster roll! I love lobster rolls. It's basically lobster and mayo in a sub sandwich. This came out to be under $20. Expensive for just a sandwich, but everything is more expensive on the East Coast. 
And last but not least, the delicious lobster mac and cheese was absolutely mouthwatering as you might imagine. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Happy Eatings! 

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