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Dilemma? I Think Not!

So what do you do when you have a friend who is turning the big 2-1, but she does not drink alcohol? She still needs to experience the joy of being carded while not getting crazy with all the lame people who go drinking for their 21st. Being the genius that I am... we went to Father's Office!

You get the best burger of your life, a bottle of coke and some sweet potatoes fries! Plus, you get to get carded at the door since it's technically a bar! All this, while remaining very PG, it was a story that she could tell to her kids & grandkids when they ask what she did for her crazy 21st. It was crazy...crazy delicious!

Look at this baby! Sure, it cost around $13? Probably the most expensive burger I've paid for, but well worth it! The garlic white sauce they give you is amazing!
You also get to decide how well done you want your burger. This is Rna's medium well. I got medium raw. 
Me & my bestie Weheb got the sweet potato fries! Yum! You can even see our coke bottles in the back. 

Sure, the bartenders may think you are losers for ordering 3 bottles of coke at a bar but why not? Best 21st birthday ever! I wish I had gone to Father's Office for my 21st!
Happy Eatings!

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