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Keep The Food Coming! Even if it's from CHANEL or China!

I know what you're thinking. Chanel makes food? They do when you spend all your money there. My aunt is a Chanel fanatic. She has every single bag in at least 2 different colors. Why? Why not? In fact, she's such a good customer that every year on her birthday Chanel sends her flowers and a card. She also goes to pass out red envelopes to all the salespeople for Chinese New Years. If she weren't a dancing queen, I think she would make a better CEO at Chanel. Well Chanel gifted my aunt with 3 boxes of chocolate sticks that were packaged nice enough to be a Chanel purse!

Auntie: "I have a present for you."
Me: "What is it?"
Auntie: "Food... chocolate from Chanel." 
Me: "OMG, this is the most expensive looking chocolate that has ever touched my hands. I have to take a picture of it and keep the box!"
It was white chocolate on the outside with strawberry flavored cotton candy on the inside!
And of course my Aunt also brought home these cakes from Taiwan. Lots of red bean paste steamed inside this cake!
Here's a Taiwanese delicacy-Duck tongue. Sounds gross but it's really not as bad as you think.

On another note, I just got back from a day trip to Shenzhen, China. Funny how right when you cross the border you can smell it in the air. Thankfully I just showered. I smell like cigarette smoke, smog, and China-ness. I can't really explain the smell but yeah it's definitely not pretty! So why did we go? Cheap massages! 3 hours for a little over $12 US. Awesome. And of course. I ate, ate, & ate! 

Here we are at Laurel Restaurant in the Luo Huo Commercial Shopping Center. Left is a fish & preserved veggie soup & right is a taro & pumpkin soup. Both were delicious and remained piping hot during our entire meal because...

They came in these nifty clay pots heated by 2 candles. 
Left is vermicelli rolls with mushroom and sea cucumber. It's definitely more special than the usual shrimp or BBQ pork that most places have! Right is soy milk with chinese donuts. Dip it and enjoy!
If you get to Laurel Restaurant early like 9:30 AM like we did, you can order miniature one single order dimsums. Box 1 is my 1 person order of sharks fin soup dumpling. Box 2 is our order of Lamb with rice noodles and Box 3 is the seasoning for the noodles.
And then it was time for desserts... Left is a sponge cake and right is hot tofu pudding. 

This is when we took a break to get a massage. ya da ya... and then we ate some more.
We then proceeded to go sit our butts down and eat more because obviously dessert doesn't count as another meal. Left is a ginger milk dessert and right is a double boiled milk dessert. The main difference between the two is that the latter has two layers of milk and no ginger taste. The hard part about getting this dessert right is making sure it is made with really good milk so that it tastes extremely smooth. 
And then we ordered more. What? Did you think that was going to be enough? Left is black sesame soup. The middle is a peanut & sesame roll that is also a dessert and last is milk egg tarts. They were all very tasty!

Tomorrow is a big day. If you recall in one of my earlier posts (here), I told you about giving your worst enemy a living hell and wishing baldness and other horrible things upon them aka Hong Kongese style voodoo? Yeah, the day has come. Tomorrow it's going down. I'm gonna make sure my worst enemies become bald and maybe even worse... never get to eat good food ever! *gasps* Just kidding kids. Remember it's just superstition and that hitting your enemy's name with a shoe wishing them eternal damnation does not guarantee that it will happen... but I'm just gonna do it anyways you know... to promote and help stimulate the Hong Kong economy for the old grannies that have nothing better to do. Word.

Happy Eatings!

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