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Time for my food court food! So what did I order? There were so many choices!

 Baked clam! This was absolutely delicious. 
 And of course, I had to get another lobster roll. It didn't taste as good as the one from Part 1, but it wasn't bad!
 I was just about to finish ordering and paying when I looked up on the sign and saw passionfruit. Ugh! Why? Kryptonite may be Superman's weakness, but Passionfruit is mine. When I see passionfruit anything, I have to have it. It wasn't amazing ice tea, but I still ordered it. Nothing can compare to the fresh passionfruit juice I had in Vietnam. 
And of course I finished off my day with clam chowder and more baked clam. The food court meal was forgettable. Nothing was THAT delicious that blew my mind, but a girl has to eat. 

Happy Eatings! 

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Cousins Maine Lobster Grand Opening in Pasadena, CA

Cousins Maine Lobster Grand Opening in Pasadena, CA

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