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I'm on a Sea Food Diet

Back in Boston again. Sea food diet and the see food diet are the only diets I believe in. We're on a 2 week vacation with my mom to visit my nephew & celebrate my mom's birthday. We decided to go to Island Creek Oyster Bar!

See how ladylike I am? Did you want some?
 The wall was made of oyster shells
 Different angles 
Their menus were cute, but can you believe valet parking was $16? Gosh... I swear Southern California is just the best. East Coast prices are absurd. 
 We started with the bread that came with the cayenne honey butter. 
 Fried oyster slider 
 Raw oysters 

 Crab cake 
 This was freaking weird & amazing at the same time. Honey butter glazed biscuit! The biscuit was warm and buttery, but the sweetness confused my taste buds. It took me a few bites before I decided that I really liked this! A+++!
 The star of the night was this lobster roe pasta. The pasta was made from lobster roe. Delish! 
 One of the other stars of the night was the lobster roll. Of course there's a bunch of different lobster rolls in Boston. There's cheap ones & expensive ones everywhere. This was so good! 
Everything we ordered was delish that night with the exception of the seafood casserole. This was just not anything that blew my mind. I wish we had ordered something else instead of this. 

500 Commonwealth Ave
BostonMA 02215

Happy Eatings! 

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