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Cousins Maine Lobster Grand Opening in Pasadena, CA

Cousins Maine Lobster Grand Opening in Pasadena, CA

Cousins Maine Lobster had its grand opening on Friday, September 21st and I was fortunate to attend with Foodette Friend Edward of the 626 Night Market. This was CML’s move from food truck to restaurant establishment.
So what did I think?
I really think CML has a lot of restructuring to do. There seems to be a lot of ideas all rolled into one. It was too much lounge and bar, making it very difficult for patrons to come in just for the food. There were very few tables available. While I was there, I saw some angry patrons who had come in for food. They waited more than 35 minutes.
(The Seating) 
(The Bar area) 

 Onto the food:

My order of lobster roll and lobster ice cream took more than 30 minutes to show up. The very kind waitress (Bless her soul) was also very confused on food and drink items on the menu. I was also carded for a root beer for the first time in my life because she thought it was real beer.
Taste wise, I really enjoyed the lobster roll. I think it’s great that they serve fresh lobster and crab delivered daily from Maine (and used within 24 hours of arrival). You can really taste the freshness. The lobster roll tasted fresh and the sauce wasn’t too empowering. Usually lobster rolls have a strong mayo sauce and I really liked how this one wasn’t like that.
However, for $14, the lobster roll was a little on the smaller side. The picture made it look much bigger.


 Onto the main talk of the town…lobster ice cream.

Honestly, coming from the girl who has eaten stir fried bugs before, this just wasn’t for me.
I was feeling alright when the ice cream tasted like vanilla and then right when I hit the chunks of lobster, my tastebuds got confused. You have to remind yourself that you are eating a dessert when you hit a chunk of salty piece of lobster. If you’re into bizarre foods like I am though, it might just to be worth your while. Try everything at least once, right?
Hopefully, CML can work out their kinks and make it work in Pasadena. What are your thoughts? Did you go to the opening?
115 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena.


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