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D'ange Bakery in San Gabriel

D’ange Bakery on Las Tunas Drive may just be my new favorite bakery. It is a sandwich shop, drink station, and bakery all wrapped up in one. 

On the bakery side you’ll see typical traditional Chinese baked goods but with a modern twist. You won’t see the yellow bo lo bun here. For example, there’s a chocolate bo lo pineapple bun and also a taro variation of it as well. The center also oozes chocolate or taro depending on which one you pick. Much snazzier than the normal pineapple bun!

 Pineapple buns are out! Here are the new and improved flavors!

 Mixed Fruit Tea

There are other Asian inspired pastries as well as more Western style brioches and cookies.  The sandwich menu consists of mostly western sandwiches.They have pulled pork and Italian sandwiches as well as more interesting eye brow-raising ones like curry seafood sandwich which has shrimp, imitation crab and egg.

The pastries prices at D’ange are comparable to that from JJ’s Bakery in Arcadia. I like D’ange much more though. They also have a $4 after noon tea special, which includes coffee/tea and a slice of cake. It’s a good way for new patrons to sample their cakes. Personally, I’ve had my eyes on the pistachio coffee mousse cake.

D’ange also has a decent smoothie and tea variety. I had a mixed fruit tea that was pretty good. If you are looking for delicious and different varieties of bread, drinks, or desserts, D’ange may be worth checking out.

800 W. Las Tunas Dr. in San Gabriel.

Happy Eatings!

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