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Go Big or Go Home! Last Day in Hong Kong!

It's my last meal in Hong Kong. I am very sad to leave since I am going to spend 2 months in Beijing tomorrow. Wish me luck and let's all hope that I don't have to have an encounter with a squat toilet! I wanted to try donkey in Beijing, but as usual my mom won't let me. We'll see what happens.

Stop 1: 大少爺 in Happy Valley.

Pepper and salted beef cubes and my tasty pineapple lime drink with honey!

Grilled pork's neck. Thai style!
Baked ox tongue with cheese, mushroom in white sauce over rice.
Here is their signature Thai Chicken Rice dish! Was muy bueno!

Gaia Vegetarian Restaurant aka 大自然 in Causeway Bay is an all vegetarian place! It has the best food. They also have vegan items as well. Everything tastes just like real meat and is super good! Go at 3 PM, everything is half off! We ate everything below for $230ish dollars HK. So cheap!
Sprouts fruit salad, abalone, & salmon hand rolls. Tasted like real meat! Loved it! I got 2 just for me!
Fruit salad wrapped in rice paper.
Cold Chicken salad.
Fried eggplant with fried garlic and chili sauce. This is spicy but it's amazing!
Cold tofu in spicy sauce.
Baked garlic and avocado bread with melted cheese. *drool*
"suckling pig" along with the bread on the side.
Radish and oyster omelet.

Dessert: Tang Bai Fu
Mango shaved ice. Yes, there's rainbow sprinkles on top.

Bye Bye Hong Kong. See you in December!

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