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Leaving Hong Kong For Beijing. Day 1

We arrived in Beijing and headed right to the bird's nest. You remember the Olympic slogan, "Beijing huanjing ni?" (Beijing Welcomes You?) It most definitely does not. The food thankfully was very good. Chinese people can't do costumer service very well. It's very much non existent. Since I had a day and a 1/2 with my mom & sister before I had to report to my study abroad program, my mom decided to take me out for some "expensive" Beijing food at China Lounge at Work's Stadium (South Gate), Chaoyang, Beijing, China. She found this place online from a HK magazine. This place was really nicely decorated. The service was shitty but the food was BOMB.

This was the oh so delicious pan fried beef fillet with mustard and crispy garlic. It tasted amazing except if you took too big of a bite, the wasabi flavored mustard goes up your nose and makes your eyes water! Amazing!

Next was our so so egg plant dish. Not great-not bad.

This was our pork biscuits. 

This was our braised lamb belly.

This was our  most delicious dish of the night. Sauteed Duck Liver with Fresh Mushrooms and Black peppers. Yum!

And our last dish was the Noodle with beef and egg plant with gravy.

It was supposed to be an expensive meal, but it ended up coming out to only $200 something RMB. Maybe it was a sorry for being so bad. I highly doubt that though!

Happy Eatings from Beijing!

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