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Goodbye HK!

Hello Hungry Eaters! So I know I've been a tad behind on the remainder of my Hong Kong posts but it's time to move on! I'm so excited to post my favorite foods in LA so I'll just post a few more pictures of Hong Kong and then link the rest of my HK food pictures. You can find them here!

King's Palace in Causeway Bay is apparently known for their Cha Chiu, aka BBQ Pork. It's supposed to be exactly like a TV series from TVB. I had never watched that series so I didn't understand the appeal. 
Steamed Pomelo skin! Very interesting and different! 
Steamed Asian Pear!
Coconut Dessert
This is Guilinggao aka turtle jelly. It's one of my mom's faves. Personally it's an no go for me.

Happy Eatings! Next post we return to the US of the A!

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