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I'm a Dimsum Snob

Sure, I like the typical har gow (shrimp dumpling) and siu ma (pork dumpling) but seriously? When you're actually Cantonese, the typical dishes just don't cut it anymore. So yeah you pay more for a nice view, but you get some pretty good food that isn't at the typical dimsum places where you gotta outrun the other table for the food. Don't get me wrong those are fun times as well but sometimes you just want some relaxing dimsum.
 veggie and pork dumpling. 
 A pork potpie type of thing. 
 shanjianbao. I guess it would be translated to panfried dumplings?
 It's for your hands. Don't drink it fools. 
 sticky rice with red bean. 
 salt & peppered sardines.

 goose drumstick. Too big to eat so we sent it back to get it cut.
 xo changfen. Yummy flour pasta like thing I guess is the best way to describe it to non-Chinese. 
 Yay finally edible. 
 Quails. My sister's fav. I personally think they are more time than they are worth. 
 the sauce for the quail.
 This is the point where my aunt reached over and asked if I've ever had quail head. Uh no? Chinese people have this whole thing from Mencius where if you eat a certain body part of an animal your body part will benefit from that. I.e. eat quail brain, you get smarter, etc. So I thought hmm.. sure let's do it anyways. 
 Why, hello little brain. How are you? Is this where I'm supposed to bite?
 I guess I should eat around the neck too. I mean if I were being eaten, I would appreciate if the eater ate all of me and not just an arm or a leg right?
 "pao fan" not exactly the same as congee or okay. It's a bit thicker. 
 xo spicy sauce. 
Baked mini pineapple bread stuffed with bbq pork. They make it good here. 

 See the inside?
 BBQ pork

Welcome to what was my first meal of four that day.
Happy Eatings!
This was Dynasty at 22 Salisbury Road, Hong Kong.

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