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Dim Sum I Can Actually Enjoy

I'm Cantonese so it's in my blood that I should automatically love dim sum and should flock there every weekend with my whole family. Wrong... I'm sick of dim sum because its the same thing all the time. I do make an exception for expensive dimsum. There's certain "high-class" dimsum places in the San Gabriel Valley that I like but even with those, it's fine once in awhile but my friends are obsessed and expect me to take them dimsuming all the time. In Hong Kong though, I love going dimsuming at Jasmine in the Festival Walk Mall. Get off at  Kowloon Tong and get up a gazillon flights of stairs and be prepared to be satisfied. 

 Rose mocktail drink
 Here was our steamed turnip cake
 This was the reason why we came! Roast suckling piglet! Yum! It's a baby pig so you can even eat the bones-softshell crab style! Chomp away! 

 Baked Cha siu pastry! Now this, you can't find in the States! I personally hate Cha siu/BBQ pork buns because they just look so unappetizing but baked is a completely different story. 
 Filet mignon and fried garlic slices- another one of my favorite dishes!! It's so good here!!! Yum!!!! Nom, nom! 
 Here is my other favorite. I ordered 2 orders of this just for me! Cold eggplant dosed in Japanese sesame sauce. *drool*
And here's my mom's favorite multi layered sponge cake! This one was pumpkin flavored though! 

Are you drooling yet?
Happy Eatings!
Nom, Nom! 

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