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Have a SWEET New Year!

    This is a picture of Bing Tang Hu Lu. It's basically candied fruit like strawberries, apples, etc. served on a stick. Back in the day, these were the only form of sweets children could have. My grandpa tells stories of how he used to save up all his money to pay for a stick of these. Now thankfully, our sweet tooth cravings can be satisfied a number of different ways. Unlike my earlier desserts pastry and cake post, today's post is going to be on different types of local desserts available in Hong Kong. And since my fam and I typically eat 2 or 3 desserts per day. You're in for quite a treat! 

    Stop Number 1: 石魔坊 (they didn't have an english name) located in Tin Hau. They aren't too crowded if you go during the day, but if you go at night be warned! This place is small. The good thing about this place is that they have a place for you to park your car so if you want to take your dessert home you can! This is an action shot of what my hot chocolate pudding looked like before, after, and during. Notice me licking the 2 orders I had clean. Yes it was delicious thank you for asking. This place's chocolate pudding is actually really good because they bake the chocolate into the dessert and it comes out steaming hot unlike other places who will just sprinkle on some chocolate syrup. We actually heard of this place from the daily newspaper where they recommended it as their best dish. It obviously was to me since I ordered and linked both bowls clean!

    This is the mother ordering her 2 desserts. Box 1 is her order of Hot Water Chestnut dessert and Box 2 is the same Hot Chocolate pudding dessert I had. Box 3 is the mother looking through their menu trying to figure out if she would like a 3rd dessert. Yes... my mom and I are hardcore dessert eaters. P.S. The pictures above were all taken by my sister who was appalled at how many desserts my mom and I were able to consume.

    She opted for their Mango Shaved Ice which had fresh mangoes, (A-Dap-Gee) young Coconut jelly, and black jelly inside. I took a bite out of hers and I definitely didn't find it as good as the Shaved Ice I had at Tang Bai Fu, which I documented in this earlier post. But all in all it wasn't bad! This place is pretty cheap too so also a plus!

    Stop #2 is Honey Moon Desserts, which is located in various places all over Hong Kong. This is my favorite thing to order there. It has coconut flavored shaved ice inside with basil seeds, fresh mangos, coconut jelly (white things on the right), and dried longan (brownish things on the top left). Super good!

   Stop #3 was some place we're probably not gonna go back to so I didn't bother writing down it's name but I guess I should post the pictures as well. The people here was super slow and the waitress didn't know what she was doing. This place liked to give all their desserts funny names instead of telling you what's inside of it. My sister asked what a Mango World was and the brilliant waitress answered it had mangoes and like.. you know.. stuff inside. Stay in school kids and lay off them drugs! Box 1 is a hot water chest nut dessert with basil seeds inside (Box 1). It was super yummy! Box 2 was the Mango World- a world that was lacking in mangoes. Looks like it had some white jelly and mango sauce sprayed over it. I think there was a piece of mango all the way in the bottom. 

    Stop #4 was Hang Fa Lau in Causeway Bay. This is made with 山渣, which was translated on their menu as Hawthorn Soup. You might recognize it in its cookie form like the picture below, which children love to eat. It's also usually given to people as a snack/candy to eat with Chinese Medicine to help get rid of the nasty Chinese medicine taste.

Not only is it really is the Hawthorn Soup very good, but it's also very good for your digestion. You can even choose as we did to add some sago to your dessert! Yum!

    Stop #5 was this place brilliantly or stupidly titled Come Buy. My sister and I were walking around when we saw their sign and a huge line waiting for their boba drinks. We weren't thinking about trying their drinks until we were intrigued by their crappy name. Who the hell names their store Come Buy? Sounded like some weird Chinglish. But this might have been part of their ingenious marketing plan because we really did come to their shop and buy! We tried their milk tea mini boba and their passionfruit green tea with coconut jellies and mini boba. Their milk tea and their passionfruit wasn't bad but their boba was delicious!!!!! Score!

    Stop #6 is Red Fruit Tree (紅果樹) also located in Tin Hau. I ordered a very delicious Hokkaido Milk Pudding With Chocolate Sauce (Box 1) while the Mother opted for a hot Coconut Soup (Box 2) which was also delicious. Hokkaido Milk is from Japan which is all the craze in HK these days!

Stop #7 is Yee Shun Milk Company. Box 1 is a picture of their famous hot milk pudding and Box 2 isn't a dessert but it's so good it might as well be. Box 2 is a picture of their also famous BBQ pork bun. Both of which are super good. Their milk is some of the best in HK made fresh from milk from Macau.

That's it for today. That should be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth for now. And remember stressed spelled backwards is still desserts so if you're stressed or just plain bored of the typical desserts and pastries at places like these, be sure to go try some special and yummy desserts like the ones mentioned above!

Happy Eatings and Have a SWEET New Year!

So Fresh And So (Kinda) Clean!

Have a SH!OK (WOW, YUMMY, & AAHH) New Year!