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So Fresh And So (Kinda) Clean!

Picture of HK's Cable Cars, remnants of British Colonial Rule

    I visit HK 2/3 times a year. I consider myself for the most part an almost native Hong Konger. One thing that set me apart aside from the fact I look nothing like most HK people do is their germophopia issues. It's normal and cool to go out looking like you are a dentist because Hong Kongers actually feel that wearing a mask is going to prevent you from catching a cold, bird flu, or swine flu, etc. They must have some special power masks or something. After spending quite some time failing to convince my Grandmother that the masks don't work, I decided to join the club for a day. Hey, if you can't beat them, join them!

    Thankfully as germaphobic Hong Kongers are, they still are okay with eating street food. Street food is amazing! It's cheap, fast, fresh, and scrumptiously delicious, which is what today's post is about!

    So how fresh do you want your street food? This fresh? The whole goat is still in tact! My usual rule of thumb is the dirtier the better-so this would actually look appealing to me!

    If that way too fresh for you, then how about seeking out a cart like this one? These two ladies are selling freshly roasted chestnuts! YUM! They also sell freshly roasted quail eggs, and sweet potatoes in 3 colors-white, purple, and yellow! They are all delicious so buy all of it! It's super cheap too! If you look closely you can see the woman on the right in red is using a shovel like tool to roast the chestnuts and keep them burning. Right next to her is a small handle. That's actually used to pump more power to keep the chestnuts and everything else in the cart warm. Is this legal? Not exactly... That's why they have to keep on the run! But no fear just put your nose in the air. You can smell roasted chestnuts and fresh sweet potatoes glazed with juicy, sugary goodness from far away!

    After you've flagged down the chestnut cart, be sure to visit some very legal and awesome street food like this. Fresh waffles and HK favorite egg waffles are made here in many different flavors!

    Here's what it looks like while it's being made! So good! While you're at one of these street shops, pick up some curry fish balls, deep fried intestine, fried eggplant/vege combinations, or stinky tofu, etc! I can have my entire lunch at one of these places just eating everything there. It's all made fresh and each item costs about $1 U.S. or less!

    These street shops also make fresh juice when you order it. Here's some hot sugarcane juice that they made right when we ordered it! Yum! Sugarcane is also super good for you! Double Yum!

    If you don't feel like standing on the side of the street, make your way to the closest Cha Chan Tangs (茶餐廳) on the side of the street where you can have a seat and have some good street style food at the same time. Check out this plate of goodness. It's a peanut butter and condensed milk toast. So good!

    Then you can order this! Hot lemon coke with ginger, which is good for your throat or when you're sick.

    In the mood for some simple street pleasures but don't want to stand on the side of the street enjoying it? Then try buying them home! Make like us and by some Taiwanese snacks home. Here's sticky rice with floss and Da bang, a bread with sesame and green onions inside.

    And if you want to bring home a big meal to enjoy, buy some Singaporean fish curry home or some Hainan Chicken Rice! The rice is super good because it actually is made with chicken fat. It's chicken heaven especially with those awesome sauces it comes with!

Some germaphobics like my Grandmother would never dare come close to street food like we do. She says it's dirty and has been sitting with smog from cars all day long. I argue that maybe that's the special ingredient that makes street food as tasty as it is!

Happy Eatings with your So Fresh & So Clean  Street Food!

Vegetarians Know How to Eat Too!

Have a SWEET New Year!