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Hawaiian Host Visit



Hey all! With the holidays impending, I did want to share my trip to the L.A. Hawaiian Host Factory where they were busy preparing all the new holiday specialty chocolates they are currently rolling out!  They have a factory in Hawaii too, but for some reason they thought inviting me to the Gardena location was a better idea than flying me out to Paradise! Go figure, right?


Hawaiian Host is releasing their new ALOHAMACS and I was invited to try out their new product and to get a behind the scenes look at everything. It comes in milk and dark chocolate and it’s basically available now for the Holiday Season and thereafter. You can find it at Costco, Walgreens, and a whole bunch of other places.


I had to suit up in a white coat and hairnet and go through an air shower before seeing the production line. Once I got inside it was like the scene from I Love Lucky where Lucy and Ethel are stuck on the chocolate line eating all the chocolates.




I got to see the big macadamia nut roaster and the drool-worthy chocolate line. Click through for pictures. It was really cool to see how everything is made from beginning to end.



Big thanks to Jay Terauchi for making it all possible!

You can check out all their products here. 


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