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My Must Visit List

Since I will be in Asia for the next 2 months, I decided I needed to make a list for myself when I get home back to L.A. It'll also make it easier for me to dream and drool about these foods when I have a list I can look back at when I'm starving and sad in Beijing. This list does not include restaurants that I have already visited. It's a strictly to do list! It will all be all completed!

In no particular order...

1) At Last Cafe at 204 Orange Ave Long Beach, CA 90802.
I saw it on Diners, Drive In's and Dives on the Food Channel. Decently priced food! Their specials brick chicken, leg of lamb, mac & cheese, and pot roast.

2) Miura at 2040 Pacific Coast Hwy Lomita, CA 90717
I love Japanese food, especially omakase. My favorite place is Sasabune in West Hollywood, but Miura has gotten really good reviews for $40-60 per meal, which is cheaper. Also it's located in the city of Torrance, which is J Town #2 so it shows much promise!

3) Oumi Sasaya at 2383 Lomita Blvd Lomita, CA 90717
This place is best known for their amazing udon and deep fried tempura mochi!

4) Chantilly Bakery right next door to Oumi Sasaya Asian pastries! Need I say more? I'll be there!

5) Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle at 4356 Fountain Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029
This is cheap, yummy, Thai food that I've heard good things about.

6) Lomo Arigato. They're a food truck. Peruvian/Asian fusion food. Look them up!

7) Fishlips Sushi Truck. Go to www.fishlips-sushi.com to find where they are at!
This is a Japanese food truck run by Japanese people that serves cheap, but good sushi on the go.

8) Langer's Delicatessen-Restaurant at 704 S Alvarado St Los Angeles, CA 90057 Langer's is known for their #19 Pastrami sandwhich. Too bad they are only open til 4.

9) Class 302 at 1015 S. Nogales St., #125 Rowland Heights, CA 91748
I've heard from so many people that they have the best Taiwanese shaved snow. I can't wait to come try their mango and strawberry shaved snow!!! Their decor is of a elementary classroom in Taiwan.

10) Spicy BBQ Restaurant at 5101 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029.
This place is a hole in the wall place that sits less than 15 people. That's enough to get me to come here! Their food is supposedly amazing!

11) Griddle Cafe at 7916 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046
Their pancakes are the size of a small baby and their french toast is to die for. I am so coming here!

12) SinBala Restaurant at 651 W Duarte Rd Arcadia, CA 91007
They are known for their slushes and homey Taiwanese food. They put real taro in addition to the syrup in their slushes!

13) Chego at 3300 Overland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90034
I don't know if I'm gonna love this since I think it's overhyped but I'n determined to try it anyways. This was opened by the same guy who did the Kogi Taco Trucks. This time, he's reinvented the rice bowl. Whatever... it's a bimbimbap. I don't see how he reinvented it.

14) MamMoth Bakery at 1620 W Redondo Beach Blvd Gardena, CA 90247
Japanese Bread.... I am There!!!

15) Ricky's Fish Tacos at 4016 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029
I've been talking about this place all the time, but haven't gotten a chance to go. It's a food stand only open Fri-Sun in the afternoons. Best Tacos ever!

16) Sakae Sushi at 1601 W Redondo Beach Blvd Gardena, CA 90247
Traditional style Sushi made in a box. Edo style. Yum!

And that is my list for when I return to L.A.
Happy Eatings!

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