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Hot Pot-All Day & Everyday

Is there a too hot for hot pot? I guess not because summer weather aside, I had agreed to go hot potting. Definitely not one of my brightest moments in life but hey, why not? Honestly though, this was a typical Chinese hot pot place in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. I wasn't too impressed. I really like Mongolian style or Taiwanese style hot pot or shabu shabu. This one was ehhh... Made my stomach say yes, thanks a lot I'm full, but didn't make me drool for more. 
Pipping hot!
fish balls

raw oysters

Close up of them. This was pretty good but it made me miss the ones I usually get at one of my favorite Cajun joints back home.
Say hello to our fatty beef. 
Beef balls, etc. 
veggie dumplings
raw abalone.

So as of right now, the items not safe to eat in Hong Kong for the summer are tapioca balls, syrup drinks such as the ones used in fruit drinks, and sashimi from Japan-all of which I've had already. I choose to test my luck. I've already decided that my death will be death from choking on boba or death by blowfish. I prefer the latter. Other than that, I have a pretty iron stomach. I think this may call for a Vietnam trip soon. Maybe I can squeeze some time in for that. Next week, I'm making a trip to Yunan. Can't wait to eat! It'll be fun since that's somewhere I've never gone. Thank you for free trips.

Happy Eatings!


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