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Hot Pot for Chilly Nights!

My good friend visiting from San Diego insisted on going to Boiling Point. She loves that place! Unfortunately, by the time she got to my house it was already 7:30 pm and we knew that the line for BP would be going out the door.

It’s getting chilly these nights so what better way to stay warm than with some hotpot?

I took her to Lu Gi in San Gabriel instead and we ended up quite happy with that decision. Yes it was more expensive thanBP or Jazz Cat, but it was nice having a more traditional hot pot versus the individual pots since those are preset with ingredients.

 The sauces
 The garlic scallion was my fave!

 pig's blood
 rice cakes
quail eggs and fish dumplings 

We got the ying yang broth with half spicy and half non-spicy. We chose ribeye, rice cakes, quail egg, pork blood, fish dumplings, veggies, and some other small appetizers here and there. The total came out to $38 for the two of us, which also included 3 drinks.

There are an abundance of different sauces at Lu Gi. By the end of the night, our table was filled with more sauces than actual food! I absolutely loved the garlic and scallion sauce! Yum! I drenched all my food in that. 

Happy Eatings!

539 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776

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