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Father's Day, say what?

Father's Day... whatever. Doesn't really matter. Do you really need an occasion to eat?

 Our fancy menu for the night
 big ass wintermelon soup
 Why... hello there!
 It all came outta this baby.
 It came with extra wintermelon "meat" to put inside your soup. I guess we were trying to jump on the save the sharks bandwagon since it was replaced by this soup instead. 
 Sea bass pudding? I need help with making my English translations more appetizing sounding but this was good I promise!

HOA YIP fan aka amazing rice stuffed inside this leavey thing. 
GU LO YOK aka where Panda Express's Orange Chicken came from.
Blah. I don't like these veggies. I only do Tawiwanese or Thai, Singapore, or Malaysian veggies. 

What did you have for Father's Day?
Happy Eatings from Hong Kong!

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