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Peruvian Party

Have you ever wanted to eat many types of food and shop for random crap all at one time? Then you must check out Mo-Chica for Peruvian food! Amazing! For the win! Mo-Chica was seriously a hidden gem in a small ghetto Latino food court. And when I say ghetto I mean ghetto FABULOUS! I love going to the unexpecting places and searching for food. Yum, yum, yum!!! Seriously the last place people would go to, but this lovely place was hidden there. My lovely friend Katherine was nice enough to drive. We had a great meal!

 Here was their menu and entire restaurant. I couldn't decide what to eat since my friend I were on a break from class and had to make my decision fast. 
 But then I saw passionfruit on the drink menu! YES! As you may know... I am obsessed with anything passionfruit. But what should I get to eat? Tick tock tick tock.... I asked the waitress for her opinion. 
Waitress: Are you afraid to eat anything?
Me: Of course not! Bring it!
 I ended up getting the ox tail. 'Oxtail Risotto' -Braised oxtail, barley huancaina risotto  for $14.00. This was a very rich dish.  The oxtail was very tender and delicious. Yum, yum, yum. The salad was delicious too!! So so good!! It was quite heavy though. I felt like rolling my way home after I was done. I seriously started to fall sleep after this. 
The sauces were the best! Heavenly! The yellow sauce was a nice mustardy sauce. The red sauce was a delicious spicy sauce and the green sauce was my favorite!!!! Must try!

To try for yourself check out Mo-chica at 3655 S Grand Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Happy Eatings!

PS I was told you'd need a token to use the bathroom. Awesome! I didn't have the pleasure of going though. Will do next time!

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