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Last Post From The States

Hey guys! So as you may have noticed, I've actually been in Hong Kong for almost a week already but since I've been so behind on my L.A. posts I decided to finish them up before I started posting in HK. Here's my last random L.A. post. 

Soft shell crab say what? How amazingly intriguing are these babies? From Kiki's bakery in San Gabriel, here are dried baby crabs that you can eat whole!
And what do I like to drink ? Hot coke with lemon. May sound bizarre to non-Chinese but it's actually a great way to soothe your throat. It's great for colds and it just tastes good! Try it!

Happy Eatings!
I'll be posting from HK soon. 

I'm a Dimsum Snob

Yelp-you failed me!