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Lincoln Hotel

Sometimes the best food can come from the strangest of places. Take Lincoln for example. This restaurant is located inside the very ghetto and very old Lincoln "Hotel." Who are we kidding... that place is less than a motel. In fact, the whole place even burned down a few years ago. The place is destroyed with bad reviews on yelp, but no worries that's where I come in handy. This IS absolutely a great place for Cantonese food. 

At night, there are amazing specials. They give each table refillable 老火湯 aka soup made from scratch for many hours. The soup is different every night and it's amazing! Plus, free dessert if you eat there for dinner. There's a menu for the cheap specials hanging from the wall. 

Here's their steamed pork belly with preserved mustard greens.Delicious.  梅菜扣肉
Here's Lincoln's version of duck. It's called their pipa duck. It's different from Duck House's duck in that it is much cheaper and they use the steam buns instead of the tortilla-like skin. You can also order it done two ways. I didn't take a picture of the 2nd way, but it consists of mashed up duck meat and lettuce. You wrap the meat into the lettuce as a bun and eat it. 
Here is the inspiration of orange chicken. Here are the ribs. They are sweet and sour, but not in a ridiculous Panda Express way. The meat is fried to perfection and the sesame adds a sweetness to the flavor. Their fish and lotus dishes are also very good. 

But why is Lincoln so amazing? Because others don't realize its amazingness. There's great specials at dinner but their lunch dimsum specials are spectacular as well. They offer cheap duck lo mien for $1.99. I've taken 4 people to dimsum there and bought several to-go dishes without going over $20. When I get lazy or am hosting small parties at my house, sometimes I'll just call in and get my favorite dimsum dishes to go. 
 Pork and shrimp dumplings. Har gow and shiu mai. 
 Hong Kong egg tarts. 
 Pineapple buns with cha siu BBQ pork and pineapple buns with custard filling. 
 And of course their signature roasted pig. Here's a trick: If you want to take your roasted pig to go, you should make a hole in the to-go container. Give your piglet some room to breath and then the skin will remain crispy for the rest of the day! 
 Baked BBQ pork buns! 

Don't expect a great atmosphere, but I can assure you that the Cantonese food is good!

123 S Lincoln Ave
Monterey ParkCA 91755

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