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Suckling Pig and Lobster Themed Meal

Suckling Pig and Lobster Themed Meal


Today is the 7th day of the Lunar New Year. Do you know what that means? According to the Lunar Calendar, the 7th day is known as ‘everyone’s birthday’. Unfortunately, that also means you tack on one more year to your age. At least we get to go out and eat! NBC Seafood has consistently been  a great place to visit if you want good Cantonese food and have a bigger party.

IMG_1116For the occasion, my party of 12 decided to order the suckling pig and lobster meal at NBC. The lobster meal includes quite a few dishes, perfect for a large party. After tax and tip for 12 people, the bill came out to $25 each.

IMG_1119A close-up of our suckling pig!

IMG_1121Lobster, asparagus, veggie stir-fry.

IMG_1124Lobster soup

IMG_1126Lobster and Chinese veggies

IMG_1129Roasted Garlic Chicken


IMG_1133Noodles are always a must for any special occasion since noodles represent longevity in many Asian cultures!

IMG_1136Lobster 'meatballs' is probably my faveorite part of the lobster theme meal. It comes in a lobster soup that comes with dried Chinese sausages and other goodies. The best part is the lobster balls, which are very chewy and scrumptious!

IMG_1139This is a Singaporean tapioca dessert that we call Mo Mo Zha Zha. This hot tapioca and taro dessert is also popular at Cantonese restaurants. It's a perfect way to clean the palette and end the meal! But if you know me, then you know that one dessert is never enough! Of course, I had to add an order of sponge cake. NBC has some amazing sponge cake!


NBC's spongecake has multiple layers of pippin' hot goodness! Its airy and the middle layer has a hint of salty egg yolk.

IMG_1143See the layer of salty egg yolk?

IMG_1146Yummy! Are you drooling yet?

IMG_1148Side note: How massive does this King Crab look? Looks like its about to climb out of the tank at any moment!

Standouts: sponge cake, suckling pig, lobster meatballs, roasted garlic chicken

NBC is located at 404 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754

Happy Lunar New Year!


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