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Shanghainese Food & Drunk Chinese Men

Hey there! I'm currently heading home from what's called my official last Spring Break of my academic career. Whoooo and Booo! I've been in Hong Kong for a week. Leaving in a few hours back to Los Angeles, but I'm behind on my LA posts. So Yelp.... it's a great place. I love learning about new places and checking in, but it's a tool I use to supplement my foodie research. I would never rely solely on it because we all know there's been times when Yelp was way off. Here's one example: Shanghai Village in Alhambra, CA has a whopping low 3 stars. The place is small, sketchy looking, and old Chinese men like to bring in their liquor from the supermarket two doors down. Should this turn you off? No! Don't come with a big crowd though, this restaurant can only handle a few people at a time. 

 Shredded squash. It's really good. Light seasoning, much better than salad. 
 BBQ pork. I usually don't like sauce like this. It reminds me of Panda Express gone wild, but it's quite tasty. Add a bowl of white rice and this will fill you up and put a smile on your face.
 Potstickers. Yes, potstickers are all about the skin. It needs to be crispy and thin at the same time. This place does it pretty darn good. Not the best I've had, but pretty darn good. 
Now my favorite dish is the meatball noodle soup. I love the veggies just sitting in the boiling soup. If I'm ever sick, which I foresee will happen, screw chicken soup. This is what I want. Better than congee and  there's lots of vermicelli noodles inside. Don't be fooled from this angle-this clay pot is hot and huge! Perfect for a cold day!

There's a big screen TV inside if you wish to follow the Linsanity craze. I'd rather just get in and get out though. Definitely not a place for a date, but if you dig the ambiance or lack thereof, this is a solid Shanghainese place that is worth trying. 

There! You have my endorsement.

Happy Eatings!
1281 E Valley Blvd
AlhambraCA 91801

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