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Lunch Deals

A lot of people turn to fast food because it's cheap. You get a full meal, fries, and a drink for $5-7? Well... if you went to lunch in the San Gabriel Valley and took advantage of their  lunch deals you would be paying a lot less than that. Here is my lunch from QT Cafe on Garvey. They had $2.88 and $3.99 deals. Crazy! My mom also says that tipping is different in Asian places... it less than 10% during lunch and less than 15% during dinner. I personally think she is full of it.

Free Chinese Soup

Fried Kumquat flavored Tofu
Fried String beans
Salty fish with egg plant in hot pot

I finished my day with a trip to a Chinese bakery and then to a trip to Champion in Focus Plaza. 

This is one of my favorite drinks. This is a lemon tea drink with aloe. Focus Plaza is awesome. They have a bunch of places to eat and see there. There's also the cleanest 99 Ranch Market inside as well. It's located at 140 West Valley Blvd. San Gabriel, 91776.

Happy Eatings! This makes you reconsider how much cheap fast food really is huh? Especially if you can have a good sit down meal for half the price!

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