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More Food For Crappy Weather

So since my last post, L.A. is still flooded in. Good news is that there are no more tornado or hurricane warnings, just completely flooded freeways so that people can't go anywhere. Thank goodness I'm done with school or else I know I'd actually wake up at 5AM to make sure I got to UCLA on time since I wouldn't want to break my Perfect Attendance ever since Preschool record. Yeah, I'm that cool. So since I'm rained in, I've put together another post with some more food for crappy weather in the most unlikely of places.

Place Number 1: Pink Elephant. 2209 Sherman Way. Canoga Park, 91303
Awesome! Why? Because if you go to their restaurant they have a pink elephant sitting on the roof. Also awesome because their food is good and cheap and they deliver within 3 miles if your order is over $15. It's supposed to be Thai-Japanese food... which is one of the most awkward combos ever, but just stick with the Thai and we're good. Of course it can't compare to the food I've had in Thailand but it's not bad. They also don't speak really good English so beware when you ask them to deliver!

Our door bell rang and I ripped open our delivery bag to find a free order of gyoza! I guess that's the Japanese part of the Thai-Japaneseness of Pink Elephant. It even came with a really good sweet and sour sauce. Authentic? No. Good? Sure!

Now for our main dish: Drunken Noodles aka Pad Kee Mao, which is basically similar to the popular Thai dish Pad See Ew, but better in flavor! It's spicier and uses different noodles than Pad See Ew. Delicious! My mom thought it was too spicy though so I got to eat the whole box myself. Score!

Here's my other fav Chicken Larb Salad. Like I said before, way better in Thailand but given the circumstances this wasn't bad.

And next last was their Crab Fried Rice. You can choose if you want regular rice or brown rice. You can also choose how spicy you want your dishes. Their scale is a 3-10. I have no clue why they start at 3. Maybe cause Thai food is spicy in general so that's the minimum amount of spice you have to deal with. Shrugs.

Place Number 2: Pho 999 at 7255 Reseda Blvd. Reseda, 91335. As you can tell, this place is you typical pho joint. I really don't think their pho is amazing, but I do think their beef over red tomato rice is really good.

Yum, we bought this home and it was still super good even though we didn't eat it until 12 hours later. Another dish worth mentioning at this place is their Baked Cat Fish. It feeds a lot of people and they give you a whole fish. It's baked over a layer of onions and other yummy goodness.

Here's a picture of the whole fish staring at you. How delish!

Place Number 3: Neiman Marcus
A department store? Yes, while you are busy shopping for brand names or just window shopping like my mom and I like to do, you can go into Neiman's restaurant. It's usually hidden. I thought I was walking into a dressing room to eat. Their food is really good though.

Ah... the pop-over! This is the real reason why you would even think about going to a department store to eat lunch. This bread is so good! If you order it individually it's at least $8, which is well worth it-but if you order a lunch from them, this mouthwatering bread comes for free! And considering that a lunch is about $12-15, and it includes a pop-over plus a chicken broth and a meal it's a great deal!

Their cup of chicken broth!

This is their Blue Crab Ravioli. It was their special of the day and it was so good!

Here is their Salmon Salad. I'm usually not crazy about salads but this was pretty good!

Here is their Madison Salad with Goat Cheese.

So here are some other tasty choices for you to consider when you are stuck at home and the freeways are flooded. Happy Eatings!

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