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Mother Tries To Make Me Feel Better With Food

So we took a visit to the dorm that I would be spending the next 2 months in. Although I was promised a single room with a private bathroom inside, I ended up in a shit hole that I share with a hoarding roommate. She's a nice girl but seriously that girl has a crap load of stuff. Here are pictures from my sister's blog.

As you can see my roommate has hoarding issues. She's also super dirty. Our beds are adjacent and so close that we can play footsie at night. Also I only get half a closet. Thankfully there was one sitting bathroom! As you can see my sister took a picture of the communal squatting one though. And yes, there happens to be some shit right inside. There's only hot water available during certain hours. They have ghetto English written. One word-GHETTO and not the fabulous kind. One good thing to come out of this was that my mom started to feel sorry for me and took me out for some good food.

We went to a place called BaiJIA DAYUAN (白家大院)at NO. 15 Suzhou St. Haidan District, Beijing. Everything there was mimicking the older days of the emperor. They had old school menus, people that greeted you in traditional court attire, and court dancing as well.

These were how all the tables looked like. Even our seats were pimped out.

Our food was brought out in boxes by these server guys while some ladies in court gear were dancing.

We started with some sweets.

A pork meatball in some delicious soup!

Tofu dish that was whatevers.

Veggie with lotus root dish.

Shrimp dumplings.

Veggie dumplings.

We even got a picture with a court lady... she could have been a concubine for all I knew.

Happy Eatings from Beijing!

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