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My Favorite Ramen is Ichiran

My Favorite Ramen is Ichiran


IMG_2608 Ichiran (一蘭) from  Japan opened its first international store in Hong Kong. Ever since their opening, I have been making frequent stops there as often as possible. I absolutely love Ichiran’s ramen. Best. Ramen. Ever.

Actually I won’t say best because I want to be proven wrong. I seriously believe that if everyone had a bomb ass bowl of ramen, there would be world peace! This Causeway Bay Ichiran location is open 24/7! How amazing is that? Drunk? Hungry for breakfast, lunch, dinner? Here is your answer for everything!

The entire restaurant only has 36 seats so you’ll most likely have to wait. Not to worry though, the lines go fast. However, if you want to bypass the wait go at non-peak times (1-7 a.m.).

IMG_2610(As you are patiently standing in line, you are given this ordering form. Simply check off what you'd like!)

There’s only one dish on the menu at Ichiran-Tonkotsu Ramen. No complaints here because it’s damn straight delicious. I’m drooling about it as I type. The ramen comes with their special red pepper sauce, BBQ pork, and green onions. You can add garlic, eggs, or other additions. Just check off what you want for an additional charge.

IMG_2611Check the machine for vacancies. You find a seat by using the board at the front of the restaurant that indicates with a green light when a table is open.

IMG_2616Seating is eat and go style. No conversations here. Cut the crap. Eat your ramen. Go!

IMG_2618Once you take your seat in your little space, you push the call button on the right. A pair of hands will greet you through the blinds and take your order sheet. They will repeat your order to you and then bow to you.

IMG_2622If you look on the left of your booth you will notice Ichiran's "Delicious" water. Apparently Ichiran’s water is crystal clear water served ice cold. It’s also what they claim helps make their broth the deliciousness that it is.

IMG_2621Some helpful directions on how to eat ramen!

IMG_2627The mysterious hands return in about 6-8 minutes time with a pipping hot, fresh bowl of ramen. The staff bows again and then  closes the blinds so you can have your ramen-eating privacy!

IMG_2632This is the bowl of ramen with with no add ons. $89 HK Dollars

IMG_2640So amazing!

IMG_2643Ramen selfie. I take one every time!

IMG_2656There is also the option to order kae dama, which is a refill of noodles.

IMG_2657I ordered an extra egg for good measure. 1005804_10101808558096904_288335646_n

Don't forget to drink all your soup til you hit rock bottom!


The bathrooms are Japanese style as well. Super fancy automated touch toliets and sinks  with a gazillion different options. There’s also 12 different types of toilet paper for each zodiac sign because why not?

I also bought some Ichiran Instant Noodles to go for me to take back to the States! I'll be sure to report back on how they taste. Until then, you know I'll be visiting and revisiting Ichiran before I leave Hong Kong!



Shop H & I, Ground Floor, Lockhart House, Block A, 440 Jaffe Road,Causeway Bay


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