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Spotlighting Hand-Shredded Chicken

Spotlighting Hand-Shredded Chicken


IMG_3044(On the mini bus in Hong Kong)

Today's food I'm highlighting is Hand-shredded chicken from Hou Xin Yu Ji 厚興瑜記手撕雞

IMG_2497Here's the storefront in Wan Chai. A modest window basically. 

IMG_2502If you love chicken, then you need to visit this takeout-only chicken chain from Mainland China. The boneless chicken is hand-torn in front of you into mini bite size pieces. The worker then pours a mixture of sesame sauce and seeds all over the meat. Prices vary from outlet to outlet but it's about $76 HK for the whole chicken and $42 for a half portion. I went to the Wan Chai Branch, but there are 20+ branches all throughout Hong Kong.

IMG_2504The chicken is very fresh and the concept is simple.

IMG_2506It's about a 3-5 minute wait for each person. In the morning, the Wan Chai Branch does not sell rice so you can either walk a few steps over and order some rice to eat with your chicken or take it home. The chicken is on the salty side so you definitely need to wash it down with rice or bread. There was a strong taste of Chinese chicken salt (wah yim) on the chicken, which made it delicious! I also loved that it was boneless so it was quite easy to eat since it had been shredded already. You'll definitely need a glass of water to drink after, it leaves a pretty salty taste in your mouth. The chicken is soft and tender though. 

Here's my instagram video of the chicken being made. You can follow me on IG @kristiehang. English menus are available for those that cannot read Chinese.

Overall, I'd stop by again. It made for a great dinner once I paired it with steamed rice!

Wan Chai Address:


Happy Eatings!

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