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Perks of a Private School

I have to admit, I've been a public school snob all my life so I was very surprised when I started graduate school at USC and was fed! USC picked up our bill. We had custom catering the first week of orientation and we also got fed during one of our reporting assignments. Then again, it might have been because they felt sorry for us since they made us take the bus to Skid Row for that assignment. Nonetheless, I was rewarded with an awesome Mexican meal at Yxta Cocina Mexicana in Downtown LA. 

The door that led into Yxta looked like something out of Alice & Wonderland. It was tiny, but once you got inside the place looked super nice unlike the questionable exterior. They had freshly made salsa that was really good. Spicy & mild were both good! The tortilla chips were addicting. Just thinking about the horchatta and strawberry juice is making me drool right now. 

And here was my main dish. El pastor tacos topped with pineapple, which is pork that is marinated with lots of spices and deliciousness. You know a Mexican place is legit if their el pastor tacos are good! 

You can check it out at: 601 S Central Ave. Los AngelesCA 90021

On a side note, here were some snacks USC made for us as well: freshly made potato chips on a skewer! 

I should have tried this private school things years ago! I hope to gain at least 10 pounds before I finish my Masters if this keeps going on!
Happy Eatings!

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