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Mediterranean Bliss With A Hint of Japanese Disappointment

    After coming back from a long trip in China, I've been quite Anti-Chinese food for awhile. Luckily, with the help of my most awesomest Danielle we found Panini Cafe-an awesome mediterranean place! 

Panini Cafe: 21600 Victory Blvd. Canoga ParkCA 91303
 Panini Cafe has the best chicken kabobs. I got my order with rice and salad. Sooo juicy with peppers and tomatoes in between the chicken. 
Chicken panini!! Amazing!!!! With a side of chicken salad!! Everything was so fresh!! So yummy!!!

Next Stop: Tokyo Table in Arcadia. 
    It was a sad, sad day. Tokyo Table used to be so awesome! I even had a special frequent member card that if you ever accumulated $500 in a year you would get X amount gift certificate. Sad part is I was only less than $50 away from getting up to $500. Yup.. it WAS that good.

    Well I went back to Tokyo Table to find that they completely changed up their setup. Instead of fine dining, it was now "bar" style do it yourself. They fired all their employees except for 3 and got new management. You serve yourself now. Plus, they got rid of a lot of their items from before, changed the prices, and downgraded the quality of food. R.I.P Tokyo Table. I think the Irvine location is still okay though.
Here's goodbye to my last spicy tuna summer roll. This looked the same as the one before but definitely didn't taste the same. 
Goodbye to my lovely sushi pizza. You will be missed.

Happy Eatings to everyone else but it's a sad day for me. =[

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