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Plan Check Launches New Delicious Brunch Menu

Plan Check Launches New Delicious Brunch Menu

Plan Check has always been a favorite restaurant of mine. I love how they are constantly changing things up and coming up with new menu items, seasonal products, and super cute collaboration specials. Do you still remember when they did Hello Kitty and Gudetama set menus? Now, Plan Check is debuting their brunch menu, which is available at all Plan Check locations. I got to sit down and taste-test all the items and let me preface this by saying it was delicious! Location 1: 1800 Sawtelle Blvd · (310) 444-1411

Location 2: 351 N Fairfax Ave · (323) 591-0094

Location 3: 1111 Wilshire Blvd · (213) 403-1616

So what can we expect from this new brunch menu?


Number One on my worth-ordering list is the new Chorizo and Eggs. You have cheesy eggs, chorizo, and potato hash. The dish runs $12 and is worth every penny. Typically, chorizo is a tad too salty for my taste, but this was cooked to perfection. There's also seriously some crack sprinkled in Plan Check's eggs. They make impeccably cooked eggs. A resounding yes to this dish!


For those that love chicken and waffles, this Fried Chicken and Cruller made with smokey fried Jidori Chicken topped on a Maple Bacon Donut will be your jam. Savory and sweet, this new dish hits all the right notes. I'm personally not a chicken and waffles type of gal. I like my savory and sweet separate, which is what I did. I ate the chicken first and then followed with the crueler. Score? Definitely worth getting if you're a chicken and waffles lover!

The new Pork Belly Benedict made with Plan Check's signature Sriracha Leather sauce, Poached egg, and Hollandaise was one of my favorites. I can't wait to come back to have another helping of this dish. The Eggs Benedict was cooked perfectly and that darn pork belly was the perfect touch. The savory slice was just enough saltiness that was balanced by the muffin. I also really appreciated the egg porn that came dripping out once I cut it open. Thumbs up! Yes, yes, yes!


To be quite honest, I was dreading this. I'm a big fan of Plan Check's cruller desserts, but I didn't know what adding Captain Crunch cereal and milk onto the frosted donut would taste like. It ended up being quite good. IMG_8068Plan Check Breakfast Sandwich, $10

This is glorious! I love breakfast sandwiches, but this one hit all the right notes. From the Buttermilk biscuit, to the cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, and Ketchup Leather sauce, everyone was delicious. Order this! FullSizeRenderCheesy Hash Browns, $5

These didn't look like anything special, but they were fried very nicely. The batter was think and crispy. Worth getting these Cheesy Hash Browns!IMG_8113Biscuits and Gravy, $10

If you like gravy, you'll like this Buttermilk biscuit with homemade breakfast sausage that is drenched in smokey chicken gravy sauce . I liked this, but I liked the Breakfast Sandwich more. It's all relative.

At this point, I was so full I couldn't eat anymore. There was one more item on the new  Plan Check Brunch Menu that I had not tried yet. It's called the Pastrami Nosh, which I think I will need to take a rain check for. It sounds delicious though. The dish comes with double smoked pastrami, melty Swiss Cheese, kimchi mustard, pickles, and sunny fried egg. It goes for $14. In addition, there are also bottomless drinks for $15 as part of the new brunch menu. You can choose between Brass Monkey, Mimosa, and Bloody Mary.

Overall, I'm pretty excited about this new menu. I love brunch and I think this does it justice. Go out and try it! You won't regret it. Also, Plan Check is teaming up with Sanrio again to run a limited edition tasting menu to celebrate Pompompurin and Chococat's 20th anniversary next week. Don't forget to follow me on @Instagram because I will be debuting and reviewing the items for you!


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