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Ramen Redemption? I Think Not....

    There's no denying that my favorite ramen joint is Hakata Shinshengumi. They are amazing. I've tried the top 4 ramen places and have still repeatedly gone back to Hakata. In fact, the servers and everyone there already know us. We are hardcore ramen lovers. Well, with any food that doesn't taste horrid my rule is to taste it more than once, twice, or maybe even thrice. So here's my redemption for ramen from Daikokuya, which many people say "have the best ramen in town that even beats out ramen in Japan." Ha, I laugh in those peoples' faces. Ha, Ha, Ha!

Here's the Daikoku Ramen. I'll include a picture of their menu .
It's yummy don't get me wrong. They even include an egg inside and have a Tsukemen option for those hot days like today when its 117 degrees and you don't want your noodles inside burning hot soup. Sorry though, it's not enough close to my beloved Hakata. 

Feel free to go to Daikokuya though because then lines at my favorite place will get shorter! It's located at 327 E 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. If you go to this location, you need to pay for parking cause it's in Downtown plus the lines can go as long as 2 hours! It's usually 30 mins though if you're lucky. Why on Earth would I go here when I could have free parking, better ramen, and a good time? 
Happy Eatings!

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