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Bye Bye Taiwan! Hello-Food Court Feasting in Singapore!

(Just woke up from a nap and pointing to a sign at the Newton Food courts! Not happy with my 5:30 AM flight!)

I don't get why food courts are synonymous with crappy food in the U.S.. Food courts in Asia are great! But food courts in Singapore... are damn right AMAZING! Love it! I knew I was gonna have a great time. Only bad part was that the mother and I were stuck with awful times. Now for those of you that don't know about Singapore- it's one of the most boring places to be. No offense. You really need to visit for a few days and you are good for the next 2 years. Well because of the new Universal Studios and casino, all the flights were booked so the mother and I were stuck on a flight from Taipei to Singapore at 5:30 AM. Not fun! But the food was amazing of course!
Mom and I meant business. We didn't get to eat much since our flight was so early so we made a mad dash to the Takashimaya food court across the street from our hotel once we checked in at the Mandarin Orchid Hotel. Left is the Singaporean special Har Lam Chicken Rice with their awesome chili sauce and right is some Japanese parfait.
I love how they have stands that make fresh fruit juice unlike Jamba Juice. Here's momma's fresh dragonfruit drink.
And then I saw it and tried to steer away. A big stand of Durian anything and everything. I think my mom smelled it cause she sure as hell can't see anything. (Yes, her vision is bad.) Durian pancakes, tarts, pastries, cakes, etc. FYI-for those that haven't tried Durian it's a an acquired taste that you sure as hell won't acquire!
Mom insisted we get the Durian creme puffs and she told me that I had to eat an entire one to "show my blog." Ugh. So I did it and I swear that taste stayed in my mouth for the rest of the day. Gross. I'll eat jackfruit but durian just isn't my friend. I was trying to look happy while my mom took this picture. She happily finished the other puffs herself.
There's a large Fukienese population in Singapore so the mother and I were on a mission to try every single Bok Bia place we found. They were delicious!!! Just as good as the kind from Fujian and of course way better than any Teo Cheow place in L.A. This was at another food court called Food Republic right next door to our other food court! By the way, I got an iced miloo drink. That's the delicious iced chocolate cocoa powder concoction I've talked about before!
And now we had time to do some shopping at the food courts. When my mom sees food, she forgets about everything-like her daughter. I suggested we buy my sister something from her homeland and the mother finally agreed after checking and converting the prices to see if my sister was worth it. These are the candies I liked the most. I like how the left one is the whole entire body of a Japanese person. The sushi candy is so cute!
Hello Kitty Candy! The whole body! Cool!
(View of the food court)
At this point, I was already bored of Singapore and it had only been a few hours. They literally have shopping malls right next to each other with the same exact stores in them. Plus, all their clothes seem super old to me since it's summer all the time in Singapore. I swear they re-sell old clothes in the malls or something. Anyways so I went back to our hotel room to sleep since as you recall I was up at 5:30 that morning. Too bad I overslept and almost missed dinner! My mom was getting ready to go to bed when she threatened me with... "you're not gonna be able to eat at Newton tonight if you don't wake up!" As sleepy and not hungry as I was, I got my butt up and we went to the Newton Food courts.
Here's momma getting her fruit on. Here's a stick of "yun sum guo". I have no clue what the english name is.
Newton was so awesome because it's a whole collection of a bunch of food stands all in one to make a huge food court! You go to whatever store you like and order. Then they have servers that lead you to a seat and bring you your food. You don't pay until they bring you your food. The best food court service ever! Above is my favorite find of the night. It's sugarcane mixed with a Mandarin orange thing. I usually don't like sugarcane but the additional of the orange they used completely changed the flavor. I got 2 of these throughout our dinner and even brought one home to the hotel!
See the green little lime-like things? Those are the orange things I was talking about that was in my sugarcane juice. They use them for everything and they're super good. Left is our order of Tiger Prawns with garlic. Yum!!! And right is the sole reason why I was in Singapore-Stingray! No bones just pure meat! It was amazing. It was too spicy for my mom though so that meant I got to have even more!
Look how excited momma is with those Tiger Prawns! Those things are huge! Just look at them raw on the right in their little booth!
Moving on! We picked up our tired, lazy, and not hungry butts to the next stop! We walked down to check out a few more booths and saw a delicious satay booth! Score! Left is half beef and half lamb satay. They were oh so delicious! Right is more bok bia. Boy that's a lot of food for people not hungry.
But we couldn't leave no matter how full without getting our fix of Ice Kachang. Amazing!!!!
Left you can see the huge crabs in the cage. Middle is another picture of those humungous shrimp and right is a man making me more sugarcane juice.
Left is some coconut that the mother and I shared. Right is a picture of the fresh cherimoya momma brought back to the hotel.

All in all, it was a long day. My eyes were so tired I couldn't even get my contacts on! I can't believe I almost missed out on Newton because I was so tired from my 5:30 AM flight but of course as a true foodie, I got my butt up and did what I had to do! Thank you Newton, for your amazing selection of food. Yum!

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