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Today... I Finally Become a China Woman!

There's like what- 4.5 billion trillion people in China? Everyone and their mother rides a bike because... that's just how they do...

This is a picture of people waiting for the train to pass at Wudaokou Street. If you look on the streets, you'll see huge entire areas filled with parked bikes. It's actually a pretty scary sight. So it was obvious, that if I was going to make this China transformation complete, I  had to blend in like a local by doing none other than purchasing a 2nd hand bike!

Apparently the rule of thumb is to get a crappy bike with a really good lock or else someone's going to steal your bike. That's me trying to be excited. Helmets are not sold frequently in China. It's not like your head is important. Also, crossing the street is like playing a game of Frogger. Cars come at you at all directions and drivers do not make eye contact with you. They just assume someone will halt... 

So what did I do to celebrate my rite of passage of becoming a China woman? I rode my bike to find some good food. I found an amazing chuan [er]. 串 I love how the chinese character of 串 looks like meat on a kabob stick. This place is so yummy. It's my new favorite place.

2nd floor of a street called 好吃街 aka Delicious Street!

Chicken wings! Very good!

I believe this was chicken knee.

Duck heart and lamb perhaps?

The amount of garlic and seasoning that went into this just make it that much more amazing!

This was my order of cold noodles. It had peanuts, garlic, peanut and sesame sauce in it. Soooo good!! That's why it's awesome to ask what's their signature dish at every restaurant is. Our whole meal was about $26 RMB so divide that by around 7 and you'll get the US price. 

Yummy & Cheap!
Happy Eatings!

IUP Welcome Dinner

Beijing Duck