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Uyghur/Muslim Restaurant in China Plus Lebanese/Turkish Snacks

So there's been a lot of buzz about this amazing Muslim restaurant at the neighboring Beijing Language University. In a welcome packet I received from orientation it said "one of the best Uyghur places in Beijing." It was also described as being "very un-chinese, somewhat Middle Eastern food and is cheap and tasty." All of which sounded good to me. Since there are over 20 million Muslims in China, according to my pamphlet I thought it would be a great idea to pay this place a visit and make my awesome friend (Wehebers) proud! When you arrive at Beijing Language University, you have to really search to find this place. It's hidden within some shady ass alleyways Aladdin style. If you haven't been kidnapped by the time you find it, you'll see people clad in traditional Muslim attire manning the tandoori oven for the nang bread and roasting the lamb skewers.

First to come out was their nang flat bread. It was hot from the oven but kind of tough to eat. I prefer my nang super crunchy and soft. 

This was their highly recommended lamb stir fried rice. It was pretty good. Unfortunately these dishes literally look over an hour to come out. The service was also nonexistent. I yelled at 2 servers to hurry our food up. It was horrible. 

We also got this chicken stir fry dish, which I know wasn't traditional at all. One of my classmate's roommates went with us and this was entirely his fault. His dumb ass was also stupid enough to ask the staff if he could drink alcohol in the restaurant. Uh... hello we're in a muslim place! I take no responsibility for stupidity since he wasn't my guest. He was from Nepal. I thought he'd know better.  (Sorry I know this picture is blurry.)

Their lamb skewers were amazing though! The meat was so juicy and cooked just right. This definitely beat out all the other Chinese style lamb kabobs I've had.

We ended our dinner with an order of a candied apple dessert. My choice of course! Yum! I've had banana before but not apple. It tasted awesome. Probably going to give me at least 5 cavities though. 

I also wanted to post a picture of a late night snack I had about a week ago at Kebab Republic. 

I had a Lebanese Chicken Kabab Roll. It was like a delicious burrito of awesome meat and sauce rolled into one. yum! 

For the most part, I think I wouldn't go back. The place is located in super shady alleys and the service is non-exsistent. I'm going to be on a quest to find better lamb skewers though so that I don't have to return to this place! By the way, if you want to try this place out its actual name is Muslim Restaurant at Beijing Language University. Apparently, the university I'm staying at also has an amazing Muslim place but people have to get pre approved to eat there because its a state enterprise. I have to literally go into an office and tell them I am Muslim or that I would like to eat Muslim food. Then I need to bring them a paper that certifies that and also my own bowl to this Muslim cafeteria. It sounds like a lot of work. I'm intrigued though!

Happy Eatings!

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