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Beijing Duck

One of the reasons why it's great to visit Beijing once every 4 years is that a bunch of people stand in line to take you out to eat. 鴨黃- Ya Huang, Literally "duck king/emperor" is the most awesome place to get roasted duck. It's the one thing everyone has to get when they're in Beijing! Good thing the rest of the dishes were also very good. The duck was amazing! Nothing in L.A. could compare. It made sitting at a table with a whole bunch of people speaking in mandarin with hardcore Beijing accents a little better. That's how powerful the power of the Duck King is!

A delicious salad? Why, yes I would love some!

I believe this was duck liver, but when in doubt just eat and don't ask!

Now this dish was super good! Pumpkin!! Best pumpkin I've ever tasted!

I don't remember what they said this was.  Some sort of carrot or turnip?  They just kept on saying how it would make you more beautiful. So why not?

Ducky heart??? This was good though!

I'm not a fan of Chinese veggies. I typically only like Thai or Taiwanese veggies.

yummy stone pot

Beef fillet pieces. Typical, but good nonetheless.

More veggies =[ God didn't put it at the top of the food chain so that we could eat grass! Kidding aside, I like my meat.

And more veggies. 

Lotus root.

Look at that guy tear up that duck! The duck was perfectly cut while it was still smoking hot within minutes. Gangster. It was also the highlight of the night. 

The pumpkin and duck liver were at the top too!

Sesame pocket biscuits! My fav! Too bad I was too full from the little tortilla things from the duck to eat too many of these.

Sweet rice water soup. No bueno, but it's supposed to be good for your skin as well!

If you're in L.A., the closest place to get decent roast duck would be Duck House in the San Gabriel Valley, but honestly roasted duck is just one of those things you gotta make the trip to Beijing for!

Happy Eatings! Much more adventures in adjusting to Beijing lifestyle to come!

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