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What's Your Form of Entertainment?

Everyone has their own form of entertainment, especially when abroad in another country. Many of my classmates enjoy very different types of entertainment such as frequently visiting Suzie Wong aka 苏西黄 located in Chaoyang Park 朝阳公园. At first glance, I was told that this place looks like a very international bar but apparently after 11PM it turns into a full on brothel house. Awesome. Apparently Suzie Wong attracts 18-60 year old men looking for much younger women and the meat market of course converts to a full on brothel house later during the night. Though this place does sound intriguing, I seem to have nerd disease. I get very uneasy if I go out without finishing all my homework first. Yes, nerd status but I can't help it. Luckily, my form of entertainment consumes less time than a brothel house. Despite previous warnings from my Department Director, I enjoy searching for the shadiest looking restaurants located in dirty alleyways! 

I like to start my food adventures on the street only after I've finished all my homework of course! I like getting some kabobs from places like the cart on the left and getting some freshly peeled pineapple from carts like that on the right. Is it the healthiest thing to do? No. But is anything in China really healthy?

This picture actually doesn't accurately describe how shady this place really was. This restaurant was located in a very dark alleyway that was practically hidden. I had to bust out my mini flashlight in order to make it in here. It like the beginning of a horror movie. And yes, I am in my pajamas. I was tired from studying and just decided to run out to get a snack at the closest, shadiest place possible. 

What attracted me to this particular place? Their light up 串 signs! 串 stands for kabobs. Doesn't it look like meat on a kabob?

So this place had a really shady enterance, but looked pretty legit from the inside. There were also a bunch of Chinese people watching the World Cup.

Even their menus were nice!

I ordered a sweet dessert all for myself as a reward for finishing my crap loads of homework. Fried banana! I don't understand why they placed it on top of tomatoes for decoration then again I never really understood Chinese decorations. This is basically candied banana. It comes out super piping hot and you get a bowl of water to dip it in which keeps it from sticking together. Yum!

Happy Eatings whether you prefer brothels or eating at shady places!

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