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My New Street Smarts

Every additional day I spend in Beijing is a huge learning experience especially in the form of Chinese street smarts. For example, I learned the China likes to tamper with the weather reports so that people don't get a day off work. The other day was the hottest day in Beijing. It was well over 42 Celsius according to thermometers but the weather report would only be reported as 30 something because apparently once it hits 40 degrees, people don't have to go to work because it's a health hazard. Sucks for the handful of people that died from dehydration since they weren't warned that when the weather report said "30 degrees", they actually meant more like 43. I took my newly acquired street smarts out to eat of course! I went out to weizhiwei. It's a pretty good chain restaurant that's all over China. They serve SIchuan food with a birdcage theme. It's a little Chinese, a little stripper, and a little Miley Cyrus at the same time.

Cool plates. Very hygienic with the chopsticks and the sealed wet napkin.

More of their inside decor!

Some of their birdcages. They also had these huge birdcages that you could sit in. Very Stripper-like. Awesome.

They had these Sichuan style shiumai things. Very good!

Their dan dan noodles were very good. They were a little too spicy for me though!

This was some sort of egg pancake thing that I didn't care much for.

This was very good. Sticky rice that is stuffed in little bamboo tubes. Too bad the tubes are so small and don't fit that much rice. 

I really liked their jian bao. It tasted really good especially with the sesame, but jianbao is technically a Shangainese food so I found it a little weird that it was at a Sichuan place. 

This was just a bad thing to order. We thought it was salty but it turned out being a tongyuen-like (rice ball) that was sweet and in a weird sauce. 

I ordered a dry noodle to try it out. It was very good. 

Here were our veggies for the day. 

Here was our colorful rice ball dessert. 

These pictures came from 2 different visits. I really like this place. You can also check out China's version of yelp which is dianping.com.
Happy Eatings!

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