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Sichuan Beauty

My dream is to have my room or my own restaurant one day filled with pictures of my favorite foods. I want to drool everyday when I look around the walls. Yes, I'm crazy. But can you blame me? Sichuan food in Hong Kong! I'm smiling and drooling just looking at these photos. 
 This is my new favorite dish. It's a hot and sour potato noodles dish. 
 Eggplant! How pretty. I love eggplant. If there's eggplant at a restaurant, I will order it no matter what. 
 Look at this gorgeous close up. Food should look good and taste delicious as well. 
 Suanli bai rou. The pork is sliced into thin, thin slices. It's hard to master this, but it doesn't take much to master how to eat it. Whooo... spicy! My mouth was on fire! 

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this resturautn. We just call it the place since my family knows where this is at. It's on Yiu Wah Street. If you need help finding it just message me!

Fortunately this Sichuan food isn't your typical spicy food. It's mala, which means it's a numbing spice. It was still spicy though! Whew! 

Happy Eatings!
PS, I've gotten messages from you guys that wanted suggestions of where to eat. I'll get back to you guys asap. Also, if you live or plan on visiting Los Angeles, also check out my other food blog based on the San Gabriel Valley at 626foodettes.com

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