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Molecular Food at Bo Innovation

Molecular Xiao Long Bao. That's what my sister told me about before we stepped into Bo Innovation. She says they use some sort of chemical blah blah... and it has a michellin star. As long as it's supposed to be good I'm fine with wherever we go. I was greeted with this crazy man's mosaic of himself. I mean who the hell does that? I loved it. It's totally something I would do! Hmmm... then I thought to myself, why does he look so familiar? A chinese version of the amazing Japanese comedian Hard Gay.  And then I remembered seeing the guy on Anthony Bourdain's show. 

Picture of the kitchen & the crazy "Demon Chef" as he calls himself. 
Even the place settings were nice & fancy. I remember this place being very expensive on the show so I never thought I'd be able to eat here without crying, but apparently they have set lunches that are pretty affordable. The service was too attentive though. They gave all the women purse hangers blinged out with rhinestones to hang your purses. I would have preferred that they subtracted that cost from my bill and I hold onto my own purse. 

Black truffle changfen was amazing!!!! SO freaking good! I wish the whole plate was filled with these!
Here's the famous molecular xiao long bao we were waiting for. It's a ball of flavor explosion in your mouth. It looks nothing like a xiao long bao, but when you put it in your mouth, the flavor of it just explodes and you think you're eating a real bao. There's even ginger infused in it. See the red string?
 Spring roll filled with chicken, bamboo shoots, and pesto. It was good but I like my Vietnamese egg rolls more. Still was very delicious on an empty stomach though!

Here was our ha gow aka shrimp dumpling with black truffle. 
cod ball with morel  & extra virgin olive oil 
Salt & Peppered cuttlefish ball with lime sauce. 

Here was my momma's slow-cooked suckling pig, with Chinese vinegar and egg.

Here was my awesome "langoustine with preserved duck egg, English mustard, and cauliflower risotto." Can you say Yum? 
Here was my sister's "French quail 'beggar style' with Chinese lentil and wolfberry chutney."  
Here was their westernized version of yang chow fried rice. It was a nice change to the typical chinese fried rice besides I was still hungry. Going to fancy places always means they give you itty bitty things of food. I have a stomach of an animal so I need to be fed. 
I was so pleased with my meal since everything was so tasty I just couldn't wait for dessert. Too bad the demon finally showed up because this dessert sucked majorly. This was a strawberry bread cake that needed to go back to hell. Awful. I left mine in tact with just one bite out of it. That says a lot considering I live for desserts. Fail! 

Is molecular gastronomy your cup of tea?
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