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Cheese & Meat? Oh My! Korean Food in Beijing!

I was really surprised by how many Koreans there were in Beijing. Apparently Koreans are the highest minority in Beijing, which I thought was really interesting. There are a lot of areas where the streets are filled with loads of Korean restaurants and markets. Awesome. More Koreans in China equals more awesome Korean food. Most of the time when we think of Korean food, we think of Korean BBQ. I was really getting tired of eating Chinese food everyday so when some friends suggested getting Korean food, I was extremely happy. I was in fact expecting Korean BBQ, but I was introduced to something much better and weirder! 

We we given a menu where we got to choose what additional items we wanted to add to the big stone grill. We decided to add these thick white ravioli-like Korean noodles that I love. The dish already included a different type of noodles, meat, veggies, and other things inside. It was also huge!!! We had 3 people and the chef was making our 2 person order. They also brought out the japchae (Korean side dishes), which made me feel close to home even though I was half way across the world. 
The blob of food came out and then they sprinkled  cheese on top. Weird right? If you would have told me I'd be eating Korean food with cheese atop I would have been really grossed out. BUT- I guess this shows you really can't judge something until they try it because this was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!  You couldn't eat it alone since it was too spicy so we also got some steamed rice. Between the cheesy goodness, rice, and side dishes we got so full we wanted to roll out the door. 

Yum, yum, yum! Let's all go and put cheese on everything!!! 
Happy Eatings!

Summary of Beijing

Southwestern Minority Food!!! 西南民族菜