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Mr. Breadman, Please Leave Your Snot Out Of My Food

Every wonder what the inside of a Beiing subway looks like? So a few weeks ago, my classmate and I were given a recommendation to visit Dongwuyuan. No, not the zoo, but the place where local people go shopping. Of course we could have taken a taxi, but we opted to save money by taking the subway instead.

Left is a view from the outside. Crazy how many bikes there are. Right, Mother and daughter squatting waiting for the subway. Looks like the mother is training the next generation of toilet squatters. I really cannot understand how that is even comfortable. Chinese people must have awesome leg muscles though from all that squatting.

Check out the Bruce Lee Fast Food Joint I spotted on the way there. I love how the translation of the name into English is something along the lines of "Real Kungfu." Awesome.

There was nothing to buy. There were way too many people and there was no bargaining policy there. My friend checked out these watermelon shoes which I thought were awesome. Unfortunately, she didn't end up getting them. They looked delicious though. If you are going to be in Beijing and want to do some local shopping, I would just recommend paying a visit to the Silk Markets. Sure, it's super touristy, but I feel like you can get better deals there if you know how to bargain.

Good thing the trip wasn't a total lost for me. I managed to find one of the dirtiest, shadiest places to get some food. It's a hobby of mine if you couldn't tell already! =)

Mr. Bread man was making the bread fresh when someone ordered it. This was while he was blowing snot out his nostril onto the floor while spitting of course. Quite the multitasker.

The result was cheap and delicious. I just try not to think about what I've seen. I really don't think you should be able to see how people make your food in China. I wanted to buy him a handkerchief, but apparently that and tissues aren't of much use here. Gross.

Cold Noodles. Yum!

Just eat and don't think. That's my motto. When in China, just don't ask or wonder about your food. It's better that way.
Happy Eatings!

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