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Bizarre Foods Edition: Kristie Tries Snake Soup

Originally article posted on Myx TV here

Happy Winter Solstice or Dongzhi! The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest night of the year so of course it was a time for the family to get together. It’s actually a bigger holiday than the Lunar New Year. What adventurous thing did you do today? Well, I tried snake soup for the first time in my life while my family semi look on in horror and surprise that I would do such a thing. I mean, were they there when I tried silk worms and bees? Of course I’d do it!
But anyways for a little background… snake soup is regarded as a delicacy and many Hong Kong residents believe it has great healing powers. It can supposedly ward off maladies, strengthen the body, prevents all kinds of diseases. Did I mention it’s supposed to keep your body warm during the colder months? Snake is not exactly a popular dish in China. It’s really only a delicacy in the south as in Canton and Hong Kong. The soup is served from December through March.

Anyways enough of that, of course that additional healthy and healing properties are great and all- but in reality I just wanted to have another taste of bizarre foods. The soup actually tasted pretty good. It tasted like a better version of sweet and sour soup.
The soup is also topped with chrysanthemum leaves, which is believed to aid the vision. They also add a touch of sweetness to the soup. What do you think? Would you try snake soup?

Happy Eatings!
UPDATE: One of my followers tweeted me a question on whether or not I knew what kind of snake it was that I was eating. My response was that I think I wouldn't want to know, but he told me anyways. Apparently I ate a Python. Kind of scary if you think about that.

Merry Kristiemas!

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