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Bring Your Stretchy Pants, We're Doing Teppanyaki

So it's Holiday season time again and of course where else would I be in the world but Hong Kong to celebrate it? I was of course presented with the question of what I wanted for Xmas multiple times from relatives. My Aunt, asked if I wanted a new Prada bag but as readers of this blog should know no brand name should ever come before food. So I literally asked if I could have my favorite teppanyaki meal for lunch instead as my Xmas present. I don't think my Aunt took it seriously but this was seriously THE best gift ever!

 Location: Wa San Mai Restaurant. 
We got our own mini private room for a nice lunch. This place is always packed so you have to call way in advance to get seats! What's even better is that their meats and even their ice cream is flown straight in from Japan everyday. Yum! 

 Just the sauces made me wanna drool!
 Salad, yum, yum! 
 Grilled Globefish
 Edamame, fresh, not the kind from Costco that's frozen. Ha! 
 These were seriously delish! Red chives! 
 Cod and Abalone. I felt a little bad cause the abalone was still moving, dying a slow death on the grill. I could just imagine it screaming "Save MEEEE!" 

 And of course my favorite goose liver. It's placed on the bread so it soaks in the oil, but I just ate the bread too. I love carbs, what can I say?
 Hello Mr. Chef! I'm sorry that I'm taking so many pictures. It's like paparazzi. 

 Goose Liver
 Dexter-esque action on the abalone
 Hmmm.. tin foil? What could this be for? 
 But then he adds seasoning and...
 Sake! Then BAM! The house is on fiyah! lol I was excited. I had a smile on my face this whole time. 

 De-shelling the clams

 Yummy soup!

 More beef? Yes, please!

 Soaking on the bread again. 

 More beef! Yes! 

 Sushi? Yes I'd like that too!
 The Chef then asked me how I wanted my beef cooked. I said Bloody and raw. Ha! 

 And what's a proper Asian meal without rice?
 Fried rice ka pow!

 Hello Miso! Yes, this was fresh miso, not the powder crap. Although I do love powder crap miso as well. 

And last but not least-green tea ice cream! It was a hard decision whether to order black sesame or this but I went with my gut even though I love black sesame.

Wow! This was a hard post! These aren't even all the pictures from the lunch! If I had to choose a last meal, this would definitely be in my top 3 choices! Wow! Heaven!

Happy Eatings!

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