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Summary of Beijing

Being in Beijing by myself for a little over 2 months was definitely a new experience for me. It made me have to use mandarin 24/7 and cut down on my Chinglish. I thought Beijing would be a lot different from the last time I visited 4 years ago since the Olympics happened, but nothing really changed. *ahem* Take that however you want to. I may make fun of Beijing at lot, but honestly right now I'd rather be back in Beijing than getting my butt kicked in Graduate School.

Here's some nice video from my trip:

If you recall my earlier post on The Great Wall here, you can remember how coming down the Great  Wall was a matter of life and death. The video above is me choosing to possibly die by sliding off the tracks instead of dropping to my death from a cable car! They called it Toboggan. 

Here's a guy on the street drawing my Chinese name in calligraphy. It's like the kind you get at all touristy places where each letter looks like an animal only more awesome!

Most food outings  that stood out the most included:
Miao Food From Guizhou
Southwestern Minority Food
Mongolian Food

Happy Eatings! Goodbye Beijing! See you soon?
By the way if you were wondering what my first meal back in the U.S. was.....

It was In & Out! Double Double, Animal Style with a Chocolate Milkshake. How American of me!

Back in SoCal! Hello L.A.!

Cheese & Meat? Oh My! Korean Food in Beijing!