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Eating Contest: Alondra's Atomic Challenge

Eating Contest: Alondra's Atomic Challenge


I may be an adventurous eater but I'm not a dumb eater. I can't say the same thing for the my Bf & friends. They decided to go to Alondra's Hot Wings and take their Atomic Challenge. Since I wasn't about to light my insides on fire with their hot wings, I decided to record them do it instead. Here's their video.

So while my friends were having their insides lit on fire, I decided to try some of their other things to eat. 

Alondra's sodas were made with fresh fruit so I got the strawberry sprite & my other friend got their cherry coke! Yum!
 Here is a picture of those atomic wings. They may look like nothing but they were seriously spicy. 
 Here are their normal wings in other flavors. I had the thai chili wings. Others at the table had Honey BBQ and Everything with lime. 
I also got to try a Fried Twinkie for the first time. Actually, I've never even had a regular twinkie before because I think it just seems gross. The fried twinkie was good though! 
Sorry about the picture quality, I forgot my camera and was using my i-phone again. Alondra's is at 515 W Main St Alhambra, CA 91801 if any of you guys want to try their challenge. Apparently, of the people that tried it, they had trouble going number 2 the next day because of how badly it burned. You have been warned!
Happy Eatings!

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