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Salad Plus Cheese Bread That Will Ruin Any Diet!

Everyday is a good day to pamper yourself with good food. Eat at Clearman's North Woods Inn and you'll forget about your troubles- probably because you will sleep the away with food coma from the amount of food you get. The restaurant looks like a log cabin at a snow resort complete with fake snow and all. The floor is filled with peanut shells. You're actually asked to eat their complimentary peanuts and toss them on the floor over your shoulder! How convenient. Some poor soul gets to act like your mother and pick up after you eventually. 

Here's their menu... VIOLA!!! BAM!
 There's combos with a lot of food and sandwiches too but they are famous for their spread that they make their cheese bread with and.... their salad!!!
 Here's their mountain of delicious peanuts they keep bringing you. Remember to throw the shells on the floor!
 Drool. Here's the best part of Clearman's. Their salad and cheese bread. It doesn't even matter what they serve, just their freebies is enough to make me come here. I always wish that I didn't need to order and I could just get a free meal off eating their salads. We're so asian and cheap that we have them refill our cheese bread and salad before packing it to go for us. Score for another day's worth of food!
 The most amazing salad ever. The cabbage has this vinegary taste to it, while the salad just taste like cheesey/ ranchy amazingness. Together you are in heaven. 
 Here's their famous lumberjack steak. I'm not a big fan of steak in general just because I love my Kobe beef from Japanese places. It's hard to complete with that. But when I think of this place in being a higher class version of Black Angus, I'm reminded that this much food is worth it. 
Here was the Mahi Mahi dinner. The fish was a little dry but again I didn't come here for the dinner. I came for the awesome free salad and cheese bread. Plus, their baked potato came with cheese cream! 

This place is worth it just for their salad! Plus, a snow capped log cabin in hot weather is a sight to see. 7247 Rosemead Blvd. San GabrielCA 91775. They have another location in West Covina. 
Happy Eatings!

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