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French-Vietnamese Goodness

French-Vietnamese food always hits the spot for me. It's difficult to find a dependable restaurant that can do it well though. Say hello to La Vie. It sits in a shady parking lot in the San Gabriel Valley. My family has been going to this place for over 15 years or so. I kind of forgot about this place for awhile though. The last time I came, my food was a little dry so I didn't go back for around two years. This time, they were on the mark though. The best part of La Vie? All meals are around $20 each, which includes your main dish, appetizer, all you can eat bread, and soup. That's extremely cheap for French food. 

 Here's the bread. 
 Our super buttery pea soup. 
 My lobster tail. 
 My whole bowl of butter to dip my lobster in. 
I ended my night with a souffle. Yum!

You definitely don't come here for the ambiance. The place is so small that it can actually get stuffy. Not a place to impress a date, but it's good food. 

2547 San Gabriel Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770

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