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Give me Teppanyaki!

Frequent followers of this blog know that I love teppanyaki. Wa San Mai in Hong Kong is it or me! I like to keep teppanyaki for special occasions because I want to really appreciate it each time I have it. My family doesn't get why I'm so obsessed with it so they find it entertaining when I get giggly and excited when they booked a surprise session for me. 
 Salad & sauces
 Goose liver, toast, cod, and abalone. 
 Here was the finished goose liver. It was delicious. The toast is there to soak up the oil from the liver, but I ate it anyways. 
 Hello, lobster! My motto for eating Asian food has always been if it's raw great, if it's still moving even better! 
 Sure it's a little grotesque to see a lobster still wobbling on the stove and getting sliced in half, but it's also just kind of awesome right? 
 Hello there George. I named my lobster George. Looking good!
 Ouch! Sorry George. 
 Scallops and fish. Yummy....
 Shallots. Yes! They are always so good from here. 
 Cucumber salad. 
 Next up was a sort of beef tortilla. The chef took a very thin sliced beef and put garlic and green onions inside and made a sandwich. 
 Don't you love how the toast had the restaurant's logo on it? Classy. 

 Next came a Japanese tortilla. That's my name for it of course. 

 Ssh at this point I was already full, but how can I say no to more steak?
 I like it red. 
 Now there's a first for everything. My mom had the abalone, but the chef asked if anyone at the table wanted the other "icky" parts remaining from the abalone. (His words, not mine.) Why, not? Word to the wise I wouldn't do it in the future. This thing had to be cooked for about 30 minutes before it was deemed edible. 
 Fried rice on its way!

 And then came my Lobster miso soup. It was delicious. Much better than my clam sake soup I had last time. 

 Finished fried rice product.

And of course ice cream freshly flown in from Japan. Here's the peach sorbet and the green tea.

Short captions this time. Not as many details as last time cause I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing of my teppanyaki love. Remember say no to those immitations. There's no weird shows at real teppanyaki place. Let's move beyond Benihanas and go back to tradition! 

Happy Eatings! 


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